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Mother Of 18-Year-Old Boy Sexually Assaulted By Kevin Spacey Comes Forward

Heather Unruh, a former Boston TV anchor, held a press conference Wednesday in which she accused actor Kevin Spacey of sexually assaulting her son in 2016. She alleges that her son was at Club Car in Nantucket with the actor and that he was 'star-struck.' She said Spacey 'plied her son with alcohol,' and once he was drunk he touched his genitals. The full press conference can be found here. This is the latest in a string of allegations against Spacey that began with Anthony Rapp's statement to BuzzFeed on October 29

Reactions poured in from across social media:

Some people imagined what the future might hold for the actor:

While others imagined what people might be saying had Spacey's victims been female:

Regardless of that double standard, many still questioned Unruh's motives and the veracity of her claims, something all too familiar for sexual assault victims of any gender:

While others were upset that someone they admired turned out to be not worth admiring:

Some pointed out how our actual President was treated compared to Spacey, who just played one on TV:

Including an allusion to a certain tape that allegedly exists according to the Steele Dossier:

But one person summed up what many of us have been thinking:

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