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University Shuts Down All Sororities And Fraternities After Death Of A Freshman
7 months ago

According to Time, Florida State University shut down all fraternities and sororities Monday after a student died in an alcohol-related incident and another student was arrested on cocaine charges. FSU joins Penn State and Louisiana State with their Greek life bans.

In a statement, University President John Thrasher said:

This pause is needed to review and reflect on the loss of a young life and to implement serious changes. For this suspension to end, there will need to be a new normal for Greek life on campus. They must participate in that culture.

 People immediately started reacting on Twitter. Some cheered on the ban:

Some felt University President Thrasher took things too far:

While others seemed to miss the gravity of the situation:

Though this woman brought it way back to reality:

Hopefully, FSU President Thrasher has a plan to change Greek culture on campus beyond the shutdown. Otherwise, incidents like these will only repeat themselves once the suspension comes to an end.

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