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Photo by Yasuyoshi Chibay/AFP/Getty Images
Over One Million People Have Accidentally Downloaded A Fake Version Of WhatsApp To Their Phones

At least a million people downloaded software named "Update WhatsApp Messenger" through the Google Play store, mistakenly believing it was an updated version of the legitimate messaging service, also named WhatsApp. 

A Reddit user first posted about the fake app:

PSA: Two Different Developers, under the SAME NAME. from Android

Twitter user Nikolaos Chrysaidos also warned people:

This isn't the first time Google Play users have been deceived by impostor apps. Users are calling on Google to take customer protection more seriously. In the past, people have come across malware in messaging apps, children's games, and even fake versions of the popular PokΓ©mon Go.

H/T: Mashable, Fortune