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Bartender Accuses Kevin Spacey Of Drunkenly Groping And Propositioning Him At A Party

Bartender Accuses Kevin Spacey Of Drunkenly Groping And Propositioning Him At A Party
Updated 7 months ago

An Irish bartender from Belfast who was working in London in 2007 has come forward to tell his story of sexually inappropriate behavior by Kevin Spacey. Kris Nixon told The Sun and People Magazine that he was working at Lounge34 while Spacey was in London working as the Artistic Directer of Old Vic Theatre. Nixon said he had two separate encounters with the famous actor, the first at a party at Spacey's apartment.

Nixon described the situation as follows:

Spacey plonked himself down in the seat next to me, stared at me for a few seconds in a really weird way, while I’m sitting thinking ‘Kevin Spacey is sitting on the sofa next to me. That’s weird. How has this happened?
Then he looked back towards my friend and said to me ‘Is that your girlfriend?’ I made the sort of universal hand signal for yes and no, and he reached over and grabbed my d— through my jeans and said ‘I can blow you better than her.' He had only been there for three maybe four seconds. I was just stunned by the whole thing. I didn’t reply. I didn’t say s—. I just stood up, went over to her and said, ‘Look, we’ve got to go,' and we left. There were between a dozen to 20 other people there — a lot of people. You’d think that people working in that theater would know what he did.
I was completely bewildered. I didn’t walk away thinking, ‘I’ve just been sexually assaulted.’ It was more a case of ‘That was an incredibly weird thing to happen.’ Then, the more I thought about it, the more I came to realize ‘He just grabbed my d—-. That just really happened. What the hell do I do with this information?'

Nixon talked about another run-in with Spacey just a few days later at work:

I heard some footsteps on the wooden stairs behind me. I glanced back and it was Spacey. He reached forward and grabbed my belt waistband and my trousers. He mumbled something about, ‘Sorry about last week. I can make it up to you.’ I burst him off and charged past him. I went upstairs thinking, ‘This is my place of work. I can’t cause a huge scene. And this is Kevin Spacey. A lot of the bar’s business is based on VIP customers. So it just can’t happen.'

Nixon says after the last incident he never saw Spacey again. In 2008 Nixon moved back to Belfast and says he's talked about the run-in with the House of Cards and American Beauty star but always had confused feelings.

I’ve talked about it occasionally to friends. I’ve been really conflicted about it for years because I know it’s an incredibly wrong thing — I didn’t give him permission to touch me sexually, he shouldn’t have done it — but it’s probably one of the most common crimes committed, sexual assault by a drunk guy groping a girl’s ass in a pub. So — am I supposed to feel like a victim? I’ve never known.

It was after seeing the Anthony Rapp story that Nixon knew he had to come forward.

As soon as I woke up last Monday I saw the Anthony Rapp story, I thought, one, Wow, I recognize this and two, How incredibly brave he was to speak out. I immediately came to the decision that I needed to as well. It felt like the right thing to do, it’s not an easy decision, it’s a very complicated decision but there are plenty more people that this will have happened to, whether it’s with Spacey or someone else.
And the more people that speak out and the more stigma that’s chipped away from this sort of thing then the easier it is to address. Because it’s someone notable or famous there’s this association that that can’t have happened. I’ve always thought no one’s going to believe this but as the stories have come out in the past week, almost every single one of them has been a detail that’s resonated with me.