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NYC Public Defender And 'Survivor' Player Lays Out Sad Truth About Inequality In Frustrating Tweet

On Survivor: Vanuatu and Survivor: Micronesia, Eliza Orlins was a fan favorite contestant known for her facial expressions and the infamous "stick" meltdown. Her Survivor days are long behind her, however, and she now spends her time as a New York public defender. (In case you don't watch a lot of crime dramas on TV, a public defender represents people charged with a crime when they can't afford a lawyer themselves). In a recent tweet, Orlins highlighted the difference in how the justice system treats wealthy criminals and poor ones.

Orlins responded to news of Mercer's debt, and her words cut pretty deep:


Other attorneys chimed in with similar experiences:

None of it seems fair:

Of course, there is also a racial component at play:

The people going to jail are real people with stories:

And yet, the people stealing millions of dollars are safely on the outside:

People like Mercer also pay to influence public policy:

This phenomenon isn't a new one:

Our criminal justice system needs some tweaks:

It looks like Eliza's point was well-received. We all dream of a day when public defenders won't have any reason to tweet about the inequality of the wealthy and the poor in the eyes of justice.

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