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Kevin Hart Is One Of Several Celebrities That Ran The NYC Marathon On Sunday

Kevin Hart Is One Of Several Celebrities That Ran The NYC Marathon On Sunday
Updated 7 months ago

Kevin Hart was among other celebrities who participated in the NYC Marathon on Sunday. The 26.2 mile race winds its way through all five boroughs. This was Hart's first time running in the marathon.

In a promotional video for Nike, Hart had this to say:

I feel like my life is a big checklist. I’m just knocking them out — check, check, check, check, check, check, check. I was like, ‘What if I ran a marathon?’ 26.2 miles. Don’t underestimate that ‘.2.’ Cuz you can come up on that ’26’ and that ‘.2’ can whoop your ass.

The actor and comedian took a moment to thank everyone who pledged money to his “Help From The Hart" charity, a scholarship program that aims to help youth gain access to college education. Hart's program has raised more than $300,000.

Hart kept his fans and supporters in the loop by posting to Instagram:

Hart wasn't the only celebrity to share their experience running the marathon. 

Celebrity Chef Richard Blaise spoke with People Magazine about his years of running the marathon:

It’s become this annual thing that I do. Honestly, at the end of a marathon, it’s one of the few times that I just feel like my mind is sort of empty. Probably because of exhaustion...  I’ve probably lost somewhere between 60 and 80 lbs.

Model Karlie Kloss also took to Instagram to show her finishing medal:

@nycmarathon ✅

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Dominican-American singer Prince Royce talked about why he chose to run.

It’s been inspiring knowing you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Royce kept his Instagram followers up-to-date on his training: