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Photos by Tara Ziemba/Europa Press via Getty Images
Cher Just Tweeted At Rihanna--And Her Fans Are Getting Way Too Ahead Of Themselves

Twitter is losing its collective mind. Specifically, fans of Cher and Rihanna are plotting out the next decade of collaborations for the two musical stars.

It all started when Rihanna tweeted about her new line of Fenty shoes with Puma:

Cher, who is known for decades of iconic fashion choices, replied to Rihanna:

She soon followed with this sweet compliment:

And Rihanna tweeted her appreciation for the support:

That's all it took to send fans of the two women over the moon:

There were calls for collaboration: music, fashion, shoes, anything! People want these two in the same space:

Will the fans' dreams come true? We can only hope.

H/T: Twitter