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Source WNEP
Gas Station Footage Of Dramatic Escape From Car Trunk By Kidnapped Alabama Woman Goes Viral

A surveillance video at a gas station in Alabama revealed a shocking moment. What appears at first to be a normal night quickly turns into something out of a crime drama as a Ford Taurus pulls up to the pump and a man gets out of the car, then heads inside the convenience store. After a few moments the trunk pops open and a woman jumps out and runs into the store.

The footage switches to an interior shot where the man sees the woman, runs out, and drives away.

According to the Chilton County Sheriff's Office, the incident began around 2:30 am when the victim woke up to find Timothy Wyatt on top of her, choking her. Wyatt demanded she give him money. He then tied her hands and forced her into the car. While driving to a remote area, Wyatt repeatedly threatened the woman's life. Once they arrived, Wyatt stopped the car and forced her in the trunk.

When the car stopped at the gas station, the woman was able to pop the trunk and make her escape. 

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Authorities eventually captured the suspect and have charged him with robbery, kidnapping, and domestic violence.

H/T: KTLA, Independent UK