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NYU Board Member Makes Offensive Remarks About Dangers Of 'Importing Screwballs' After Terror Attack

NYU Board Member Makes Offensive Remarks About Dangers Of 'Importing Screwballs' After Terror Attack
Updated 6 months ago

Ken Langone, member of the NYU Board of Trustees and co-founder of Home Depot, responded to the New York City truck attack by suggesting increased vetting of immigrants. During the attack, Sayfullo Saipov, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, drove a truck rented from Home Depot onto a bike lane in Lower Manhattan, killing eight people and injuring 11 more. Law enforcement says Saipov had planned the attack in advance and pledged allegiance to terrorist group ISIS. 

Langone appeared on Fox News, saying:

Nothing proves to me more than this experience that we need to know who’s here with us. How the hell can we just say, ‘Come on in and we don’t care how you got in here and we don’t care where you’re from or what you did or what your background was’? This argument that we should look the other way with illegitimate immigrants is nuts.

Later, he went on to add:

Look, there’s nuts in the world. We have enough screwballs in America without importing them.

Langone said he wan't against immigration but that the U.S. should know why people are coming here:

I’m not arguing pro or against immigration. My grandparents came here as immigrants. I think virtually everybody’s ancestors came here as immigrants. We’re a country of immigrants - but, they all came legitimately and we all knew where they came from and what they wanted to do.… This underscores the need for us to be diligent and have a program and have an effort where people have to let us know who they are and that they came in here legitimately. Why have borders, otherwise? I don’t understand this.

People on social media took issue with Langone's remarks:

NYU student Stephanie Rountree responded to NYU Local:

This is absolutely sickening. Marginalized and minority students receive so little support from the university… and with this statement from Langone, it’s not hard to see why. Our board is dominated by people who have never experienced discrimination and inflict it on others... We have not been given a reason to believe that these people are interested in making life at NYU better for black and brown students, which is why it’s vital that their voices heard on the board.

And people couldn't argue that point: