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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Starbucks Effectively Kicks The Holidays Into Full Swing With Release Of Festive Cups
6 months ago

It's that time of year once again when we say goodbye to everything Pumpkin Spice and hello to all that is Chocolate Mint. It's time to celebrate the Festival of Lights and wrap twinkly business around anything that doesn't move.

It's time to sing with joy about Jesus and Santa, and reindeer and melting snowmen. It's time to gather around the fire with family and friends, give gifts, spike our hot chocolate and go ice skating in circles.

Oh yeah, and it's time to get all kinds of pissed off over the true meaning of Starbucks coffee cups.

The coffee chain released this year's holiday cup, and the internet couldn't wait to throw down. In one corner: Conservative Christians. In the other corner: the entire rest of the world that realizes Christmas isn't the only holiday.

Let the festivities begin!

Starbucks tried to avoid the red cup scandal of 2015 by letting customers color their own cups, but some Twitter users weren't having it:

It seems Starbucks has avoided major controversy, unless you count those who don't like coloring:

Ahhh... the holidays are here.