J. Lo Shares How Alex Rodriguez Got Her To Go Out With Him--And We Expected More

J. Lo Shares How Alex Rodriguez Got Her To Go Out With Him--And We Expected More
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Updated 8 months ago

We tend to build celebrities up in our minds, like somehow they just do things bigger and better than we do. We imagine all of their dates are made of movie magic. We imagine they must all be suave and elevated and so far beyond the pedestrian day-to-day stuff that we non-celebs deal with. There are cases, of course, where that is completely accurate. 

J. Lo and A. Rod's first date is NOT one of those cases.

The pair outlined their first date in a recent Vanity Fair article, and... well... we kind of thought it would take more to land a woman like Jennifer Lopez. We're getting ahead of ourselves, though. Let's start with the fact that the date maybe wasn't actually a date. They had known each other for years but the timing had never been right. As far as Alex could figure, they were just friends watching a game and hanging out together like normal. Then Jennifer dropped the knowledge that she was single. 

Alex was like: 

The news hit him so hard he had to excuse himself to go to the restroom and gather his thoughts — and some nerve. It took a bit, but he worked up the gumption to send a text to Jennifer. Yup, a text. While he was with her. She got the text as he was walking back from the bathroom. Can you imagine how awkward it must have been getting a text from someone who was walking right towards you? Sure, it was a little strange but maybe the content of the text made up for it?

We'll let the power couple tell you.

Jennifer: "So I'm sitting there and he's walking back and I get a text. It says..."

Alex: "You can tell her." 

Jennifer: "You look sexy AF"

It's not poetry, we'll admit, but the man isn't a professional poet and evidently it was enough to win Jennifer over. The pair talked for a while, but the date was cut short by a fire alarm that forced them to evacuate. 

First date ended like:

It didn't matter, the seed had been sown. From the looks of it, it was sown well since rumors say the two are looking at moving in together soon. There you have it. Sometimes what it takes is a few seconds of courage and a good texting plan. 

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