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There Could Be A 'Lethal Weapon 5'--And We're So Ready For It

There Could Be A 'Lethal Weapon 5'--And We're So Ready For It
Updated 7 months ago

If you're a lover of unlikely friends who must overcome their differences to work together and save the city from injustice, OR just a human person with a SOUL, you're probably a fan of the Lethal Weapon franchise. The first film took to the silver screens all the way back in 1987 and spawned three sequels, which drew in a total of $955.2 million dollars for Warner Brothers. Now, Danny Glover, Mel Gibson, and Richard Donner are reportedly interested in returning to the film series that helped kickstart the buddy-cop genre.

Lethal Weapon 4 premiered in 1998, and the series even inspired a television spin-off:

People on Twitter aren't sure how to feel:

Long before it begins shooting, the new project is already under intense scrutiny due to the participation of Mel Gibson, who's developed a reputation in Hollywood for his anti-Semitic rants and accusations of domestic abuse. Many are expressing outrage that, even after his past transgressions, he's still able to make a living in Hollywood, even thriving as a celebrated director.

Reportedly, Channing Gibson (who wrote the franchise's fourth installment) would pen the script, and Richard Donner (also of Goonies fame) would return to the director's chair for the first time since 1998. Some fans are eager to revisit the world of Riggs and Murtaugh, others less so, but one thing no one can deny: we're getting too old for this s***.