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Woman Shares Story About Jealous New Wife And Her Husband--And People Are Not Happy
6 months ago

A Twitter user found this horrible post on Reddit's relationships forum, and she couldn't help but share it with the internet.

Perhaps you'll understand why she couldn't be alone with it:

After a long post explaining her actions, the Redditor summed it up for those of us with short attention spans:

tl;dr: Around 2 years ago I threw away photos of my husband's late wife. He found out and now can't stand to be around me and is so sad.

Yo. That's just messed up.

The Twitter user shared screenshots of the original Reddit post.

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Sounds reasonable so far. But then things go horribly wrong:

OH. MY. GOD. Twitter users were not sympathetic:

She asked, "What can I do to fix this?"

I mean. You let us know if you find out.

And like, can we even BEGIN to unpack all the problems with this story?

It appears the woman removed the lengthy post from Reddit, but the comments are still there.

If nothing else, take a lesson from this and don't throw away photos of your husband's deceased wife.

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