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McDonald's Employees Explain Why You Shouldn't Order The Fish, And How To Order It If You Must
6 months ago

Before the internet and social media, if you wanted to know what kinds of horrible things were going on at fast food restaurants, you had to work there yourself or hear stories from a friend who worked there.

Now, thanks to the beauty that is Reddit, we can all find out together. 

One Redditor asked employees of chain restaurants and fast food joints which items NOT to order. It seems the McDonald's crowd was in full agreement: Don't order the fish, unless you have a few minutes to spare. According to the workers at McDonald's, if you must have a Filet-O-Fish, request that they make it "to order." Apparently the fish sandwiches are not a hot ticket item, so they tend to sit around for a while.

If you ask them to make your Filet-O-Fish to order, the employees are obligated to do so. Who knew?

One Mickey D's employee pointed out the obvious:

If you’re going to serve me a square piece of fish that tastes the exact same whether I order it in Denver or the south of France, I am under no assumption that it is by any means fresh (I mean it’s square for f***’s sake).

Either way, your fish sandwich isn't likely to look anything like the one above.

Here are a few reality checks, courtesy of Instagram:

How hard is to make a burger ? #mcdonaldsfail #filletofish

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Oh my god. The cheese has shrunk again! #mcdonalds #ohmyMcDonalds #filletofish

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Waiting the extra time for your made-to-order sandwich won't make the cheese any larger, but at least it will be fresher. Or fresh-ish.