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Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Janet Jackson Visits House She Grew Up In For The First Time In Forty Years--And It Wasn't Easy

Janet Jackson and brother Randy went back to Gary, Indiana. The day after a recent concert, the pop singer and her brother went back to the house they lived in before the family became famous. It was a bittersweet homecoming with 

Jackson teared up when she saw the old one-story, two-bedroom house, saying:

Me and my family are so blessed. I’m so thankful.

After her brothers recorded their first Jackson 5 album in 1969, the entire family moved out of the industrial town, which is 30 miles outside of Chicago. She had not been back since the family left. At the time her brothers were gaining worldwide success, Janet was a toddler.

Fans of the iconic singer gathered outside and took video.

Both Jacksons then went to a local school and spoke with students.

One little girl didn't want the singer to leave:

When asked what her biggest accomplishment was, Janet replied, "Having my son."

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