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Photo by Viviane Moos/Corbis via Getty Images
Lesbians Are Sharing 'Glo-Up' Side-By-Side Photos Of Their Prom Dates And Current Relationships

A Twitter user shared two photos, side-by-side in glow-up style. The first pic shows Caitlin Crowley as a high school freshman with her date — a boy — for the homecoming dance. The second is a shot of Crowley with her girlfriend at a senior year homecoming dance.

 Young women around the web totally related:

Never too old to glow up:

Single ladies were feeling it, too:

And the glow-ups kept coming:

Brendan was grateful Crowley gave everyone a platform to share the love:

People couldn't help but love all the lovely couples:

 Bat-aella Blob still had love for her old date:

The feedback may have helped someone else struggling to accept who they are. 

Crowley, who started it all, had this to say about the viral response:

Hearing the stories of complete strangers and their own coming out fears really hit me hard, because when I was first coming to terms with my sexuality I didn't know a single lesbian. To anyone who's still in the closet: take your time, you are not alone, and you are valid!

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