Investigators Have Uncovered Las Vegas Shooter's Internet Search History--And The Details Are Chilling

Investigators Have Uncovered Las Vegas Shooter's Internet Search History--And The Details Are Chilling
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Updated 8 months ago

On Sunday, Stephen Paddock opened fire on a country music concert in Las Vegas from his hotel room in the nearby Mandalay Bay hotel and casino. He killed 58 and injured hundreds more, making the incident the deadliest shooting in modern American history. 

One thing that continues to confound authorities, however, is Paddock's motive for the attack. Still without a clear idea of why Paddock did what he did, investigators turned to his computer in the hopes of uncovering something substantial.

What they found may not have revealed the deranged man's motivation, but it offers a chilling glimpse into his mindset. Paddock was careful to cover his tracks, removing his hard-drive from the computer before or during the attack. 

And while the drive still hasn't been found, authorities were able to uncover his internet search history. 

According to the Independent:

Paddock's search history shows him looking for precise details about how Las Vegas police and SWAT would break into a shooter's room, an anonymous investigator told the Wall Street Journal.

Typical routes to uncovering a shooter's motive, like politics, finances, and the shooter's behavior have all led nowhere. Meanwhile, in addition to the emotional toll still felt by family members, the shooter's actions have taken a financial toll on the emergency services of Las Vegas. Authorities estimate that $4 million so far has been spent on emergency services related to the massacre, and prices are expected to rise. The federal government has pledged $1 million to help offset costs, and the State of Nevada will be contributing $600,000.

Authorities believe Paddock, a former real estate investor and high-stakes gambler, acted alone when he opened fired from the 32nd floor window of the Mandalay Bay hotel. They continue to search for his computer's hard-drive and all other relevant information as to why any person would commit such an egregious crime.