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Amazon's Newest Shipping Option Has Many People Extremely Concerned
6 months ago

Amazon, the online retail giant, is beginning a controversial new service in the U.S.

Amazon Key will allow delivery workers to unlock your front door and leave packages inside your house.

If you live in one of the 37 cities participating, you need simply buy a smart lock and cloud camera, then download the Amazon Key app. When the delivery arrives, your door will unlock for five minutes while the courier steps inside to leave your package, and you can watch the entire process remotely.

Amazon believes this is the future of delivery:

But some people have expressed concern over Amazon's new service:

Dogs might also pose some problems:

At first glance, the program's purpose does seem counterintuitive:

But it's completely voluntary, and requires you to purchase several accessories before you can participate:

Maybe next Halloween, Amazon Key costumes will be the hot new thing?