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'The Daily Show' Makes A Valid Point About George W. Bush Jamming Out During Hurricane Relief Concert

Former President George W. Bush has been back in the public eye this past week after delivering a speech that, without naming names, seemed to target the current administration's emboldening of bigotry and nativism, among other things.

Bush also appeared with the four other living former Presidents at a much-publicized charity fundraiser to aid this summer's hurricane victims:

He's getting positive press lately, but The Daily Show couldn't help but take a jab at Dubya on Monday:

Though it's easy to look good compared to *ahem* some people, let's not forget that Bush's approval rating was 22% before he left office. In a poll around that time, Americans were asked whether they thought Bush would be remembered as America's worst President. Half the respondents said no, 41% said yes, and 9% were unsure. 

Some of those Bush haters are sticking to their guns:

The war in Iraq has not aged well in the public consciousness:

Many Twitter users couldn't help but laugh at the joke:

But let's give props where props are due:

Sebastian summed up many Americans' feelings:

But then again...

Only history will tell who was truly the greater President, but here in the present day:

Either way, we'll always have these classic Bushisms:

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