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The EPA Is Beefing Up Security After A Surge In Death Threats Against Scott Pruitt

Scott Pruitt, climate change denier and head of the Environmental Protection Agency, is receiving four to five times more death threats than any of his predecessors, according to the EPA Inspector General. To deal with the rising threat, more than a dozen new guards are training for a 24/7 security detail, and their salaries alone could cost more than $2 million. Fortunately, Pruitt has a bunch of money left over from when he slashed funding to his department by 30 percent.

Twitter users are less than thrilled:

The step is unprecedented:

Some people thought Pruitt's actions were fairly reasonable:

But many saw the hypocrisy in Pruitt spending so much on his own security while decimating his department's funding:

Pruitt's efforts to undermine climate change science have not gone unnoticed. During his time with the agency, his schedule has included 100 meetings with the fossil fuel industry, but only five with environmental groups. 

This is especially shocking, considering he's head of the Environmental Protection Agency:

Pruitt's actions seem ill-suited for his position, but if he doesn't begin a feud with the President, his job is probably secure:

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