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Not Every Woman Wears High Heels, And This New Campaign Wants Emojis To Reflect That

Silicon Valley publicist Floriane Hutchinson has started a campaign to add a woman's flat shoe emoji to keyboards. In the current arrangement there are five shoe emojis: a male shoe, a tennis shoe, and three high heeled shoes.

Hutchinson started #IWearFlats to draw attention to the issue, saying: 

The fact that women cannot opt in to have a female shoe without a heel is deeply problematic as the vast majority of women simply do not wear heels in their daily lives. The implicit expectation, albeit a virtual one, that women would and/or should wear high heeled shoes (be it a stiletto, a mule, or a boot) is simply absurd.


Emojipedia founder Jeremy Burge empathized with the flat shoe fans, saying the current emoji shoe selection is outdated, and was based on characters that existed in Japan.

I’m not sure if we need every type of shoe to be an emoji, but I can certainly see how women might feel that the current options of a high heeled shoe or tall boot aren’t ideal.

Some women were happy to climb out of their heels and join the campaign:

But not everyone was feeling the urgency to change a keyboard emoji:

To each her own. If the shoe fits, share it.

H/T: Mashable, Twitter