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Steve Bannon Calls George W. Bush's Presidency The Most "Destructive" In History During Speech

Steve Bannon Calls George W. Bush's Presidency The Most "Destructive" In History During Speech
Updated 7 months ago

On Thursday, former President George W. Bush delivered an impassioned speech that, without mentioning any names, seemed to take aim at President Trump and his administration's emboldening of fascist and nationalist factions within America.

His words were a denouncement of hatred in all its forms:

On Friday, however, former Presidential adviser Steve Bannon, addressing the California Republican Party convention in Anaheim, California, spoke out against Bush's speech.

Bannon on Bush:

He has no earthly idea of whether he's coming or going, just like when he was president.

Bannon has been candid about his desire to take down the GOP establishment, and no one represents his "enemies" more than Dubya, who came from a political "dynasty," and served the Republican party faithfully while in office. 

According to Bannon, Bush "embarrassed himself" with a "highfalutin" speech:

It was clear he didn't understand anything he was talking about.

Bannon delivered his most scathing remark against the former President by saying:

There has not been a more destructive presidency than George Bush’s... the permanent political class that runs this country is one of the great dangers that we face in this country.

This was a confusing moment for conservatives and liberals alike. A Republican taking down one of their own is nothing new in the Trump administration, but Bannon's public condemnation of a simultaneously beloved/despised former President presented some complicated layers.

Some Twitter users responded with exasperation:

While others expressed confusion:

Some people indulged in a bit of political analysis:

And, of course, there were plenty of "until now" jokes:

You can watch Bannon's entire speech here: