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Harvey Weinstein Responds To Lupita Nyong'o's Allegations--And People Are Crying Foul

This past Thursday, Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong'o joined the ranks of women coming forward with stories of sexual harassment and abuse at the hands of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein. Like all the experiences of the women Weinstein took advantage of, Nyong'o's encounter with the producer was deeply unsettling:

On Friday, Weinstein's spokesperson gave a comment denying crucial parts of Nyong'o's story:

The world collectively reacted:

And Weinstein defended himself, saying:

Many noticed that Nyong'o was the first woman whose allegations Weinstein publicly denied:

Of course, Twitter isn't taking anything from Weinstein:

It's clear to many that Nyong'o's racial identity played a role in Weinstein's denial:

The masses stand with Nyong'o:

It's important to remain united against abusers who try to tear down their accusers:

Weinstein has been fired from his job at the Weinstein Company and was expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Now, the LAPD is investigating him for sexual assault:

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