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Sheriff Mocks Obama With Photo Of Him Crying, But Jake Tapper Had The Uncomfortable Receipts

Former Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is the kind of person who, for one thing, allowed an inmate in his care to die of thirst.

The conservative firebrand/bedazzling enthusiast has been called "controversial", which is one way of saying "multiple inmates and exactly one baby have died in his jails and the County Supervisor begged him to resign as Sheriff." 

Not surprisingly, Clarke is a big fan of Trump and, as he made clear in this tweet, not a fan of Obama:

And what could have possibly have evoked such a public display of grief?

Jake Tapper reminds us:

Twitter had some thoughts...

Judy senses a pattern:

And he's not off the hook for that error...

Pretty much encapsulates the difference between Trump and Obama...

Here's to empathy, ladies and gentlemen.   

H/T: Twitter