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Girl's Video Of Her Grandparents Has The Internet Experiencing Significant Feels
7 months ago

Look, we're just going to cut to the chase. Twitter user @RioSmithh won the grandparent lottery. It's a fact. Thanks for playing, everyone. A few days ago, Rio posted a four-second video clip to prove it. In it, we see a little wave from someone standing in their yard. 

We'll let Rio explain what we're looking at here:

Go ahead, take a moment to weep at how sweet that is. We needed it too. 

The response was overwhelming and immediate. The internet loves them:

People shared their own cute family stories:

Well... they can't all be heartwarming:

The cute doesn't flow just from them to Rio. Look at some of the stuff she's said about them:

Looks like everyone involved is a winner. Including us. 

All the feels.

H/T: Twitter