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Sean Spicer Just Had Breakfast With Harvard Students To Talk About Politics, And Twitter Can't Even

On Wednesday, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer visited the Institute of Politics at Harvard University for a breakfast with students. 

As a "Visiting Fellow," Spicer took part in several gatherings to discuss the state of American politics:

Twitter users' feelings on the visit were pretty clear:


Since leaving the White House, Spicer has been on a lecture tour of American universities and conventions, though questions remain regarding his credibility following a tumultuous tenure as Press Secretary. He infamously began his time at the White House with a press conference in which he claimed President Trump's inauguration was the largest inauguration event in history.

Spicer made other dubious claims, leading many television networks to rule him out as a possible political pundit:

Harvard, one of our nation's premiere universities, is now welcoming Spicer to talk about the political situation he helped create.

Twitter users were not pleased with this turn of events:

Some expressed their outrage with humor:

Here's something for every university to think about:

People also wondered... who would go to that breakfast?

The Emmys faced a similar backlash after inviting Sean Spicer to take part in a joke at this year's ceremony, hosted by Stephen Colbert. Though the joke was arguably at his expense, many thought it was too soon to make light of a national figure — and representative of The President — actively lying to the public.

I mean, it's a little ironic, right?

Oh, and a quick reminder:

A former speechwriter for President Obama delivered perhaps the most critical words:

Harvard's choice to welcome Spicer may be one they come to regret:

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