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Man Stole $1.2 Million-Worth Of Fajitas, And Twitter Is Sizzling Over The Long Con

Gilberto Escaramilla, a Texas juvenile justice department employee, is facing a felony theft charge after he confessed to intercepting food deliveries to the jail, and then selling the products to his own customers. Authorities arrested Escaramilla last week.

Escaramilla admitted to stealing $1.2 million worth of Tex-Mex food over a nine-year period.

The con came crashing down when Escaramilla missed a day of work due to a doctors appointment. A delivery driver showed up with 800 pounds of fajitas, but the department at the juvenile center didn't serve that type of food. The mix-up led to an investigation in which authorities checked older invoices, uncovering the fraud. 

While executing a search warrant, police found packaged Tex-Mex food in Escaramilla's refrigerator.


Twitter couldn't resist making jokes:

Some people admired the long game:

But at least one person didn't see the humor:

And some folks were just hungry:

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