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Hillary Clinton Blames Comey's Letter For Election Loss In New Interview

Hillary Clinton Blames Comey's Letter For Election Loss In New Interview
Updated 7 months ago

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, Hillary Clinton once again placed the blame for her 2016 election loss at the feet of James Comey, who announced he would be re-opening the investigation into Clinton's emails just days before voters went to the polls. Clinton said:

"I would have won but for Jim Comey's letter on Oct. 28. I think every day that goes by, the evidence of that becomes clearer."

She said she understood why women, hearing that yet another email scandal was about to begin, would be hesitant to vote for her:

And I don't blame any woman who hears that, 'Oh the FBI's opening another investigation into Hillary Clinton' for saying 'Well, I'm not wasting my vote' or 'I can't vote for her' or 'I'm just not going to vote now.'

Clinton noted that a woman's vote is "a very personal commitment... and they want to be sure they're right."

Clinton continued:

And there was unfortunately a lot of noise at the end with the Comey letter and WikiLeaks that raised a lot of questions in the minds and hearts of a lot of women.

This isn't the first time Clinton has lamented the timing of Comey's letter, saying it changed the course of an election every poll predicted would give her the presidency. 

Clinton has been candid about what she thinks went wrong:

Clinton drew attention to the sexism she faced, citing President Trump as a symptom of a larger problem:

And obviously the behavior of Trump, both in the past and during the campaign, was kind of 'exhibit A' of what we're up against... and there does seem to be a backlash against women speaking out.

Political figures continue to ponder the 2016 election, a historic event that is sure to have a lasting impact on our future: