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Photo by Josh Edelson /AFP/Getty Images
Powerful Photos Emerge From The Devastating California Wildfires
6 months ago

At least 31 people have died in Northern California's wild fires. In Sonoma County, 400 of the 1,100 people reported missing since Monday remain unaccounted for. The multiple fires have caused horrific destruction, incinerating 191,500 acres (about 300 square miles) and destroying more than 3,500 homes, businesses and other structures.

Images of the fires have begun appearing online:

People shared personal photos that capture the fires' toll: 

Residents grabbed what they could before they had to leave:

This man shot video of his neighborhood burning in Santa Rosa:

(Note: This is an incredibly dangerous situation and everyone should obey evacuation orders. Do not attempt this.)

The people of Sonoma are staying strong:

Firefighters are exhausted from working around the clock:

No one knew what they would come back to: