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Hector Retamal/Getty Images
New Vox Report Says Puerto Rico Death Toll Should Be Closer to 450

Hurricane Maria has left Puerto Rico devastated, and the island is in the midst of an ongoing humanitarian crisis due to a lack of power, fresh water, and other basic necessities. A recent investigation by the news website Vox indicated that the official death toll, which has been steady at 45, is based on overly strict measurement standards that mask the real number of fatalities.

Vox reports that Puerto Rico's actual death toll could be significantly higher:

According to Vox's research, the actual death toll could be over 450:

Our focus on the death toll tells us something about human nature:

Twitter users appreciated the researchers' efforts:

The article revealed some shocking details:

It turns out there are many scenarios the official toll doesn't account for:


One thing is certain: Puerto Rico needs help, and they need it badly.

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