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Australian Judge Rules That An Unsent Text Message Counts As A Will
6 months ago

An Australian judge in the Supreme Court of Queensland handed down a ruling that allowed a text message to be used as a legitimate will.  An unnamed man who took his own life left behind a cell phone with a text message that he never sent.  

The text message read:

Dave Nic you and Jack keep all that I have house and superannuation, put my ashes in the back garden with Trish Julie will take her stuff only she’s ok gone back to her ex AGAIN I’m beaten . A bit of cash behind TV and a bit in the bank Cash card pin 3636 MRN190162Q 10/10/2016 My will

As a result of that unsent message, the man's possessions will be left to his brother and nephew and not to his wife and son. It is assumed that the man and his wife and son were not in a good relationship.

Though the wife contested the "will," saying that because her husband had not sent the text he didn't mean it, Justice Susan Brown disagreed due to the words, "my will" at the end. 

In all of the circumstances I consider that the text message was intended by the deceased to operate as his will upon his death.

Some readers speculated that it wouldn't be long until social media wills were valid:

One Twitter user wondered if there might be something more sinister going on:

Maybe this is the wave of the future?