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Bob Levey/Getty Images
NFL Commissioner Issues Statement To NFL Owners: "Everyone Should Stand" For Anthem
6 months ago

The controversy continues surrounding NFL players protesting racist police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. Until now, it seemed management and team owners were presenting a united front in support of players choosing to #TakeAKnee.

This recent development appears to signal a shift:

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who had previously said that players "had a right to voice their opinions," now seems to be buckling under pressure from the President.

Trump's continued tweets have riled fans who see the protests as an affront to the flag.

Goodell now thinks the protests are doing more harm than good:

As the controversy continues to divide Americans, other NFL figures have broken ranks and spoken out against the protests. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys and a vocal Trump supporter, has threatened to bench any player who kneels during the national anthem.

Jerry Jones said:

If we are disrespecting the flag, then we won’t play. Period.

On Twitter, President Trump praised Jones for his stance:

Martellus Bennett, a tight end for the Green Bay Packers, questioned the commissioner’s motives:

On Twitter, fans are divided over the protests:

Others can't help but notice the owners' flip-flop:

Maybe Roger Goodell can tell his players when the right time is to protest police brutality: