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Journalist Says New York Times Rejected Her Harvey Weinstein Exposé Back In 2004

Producer Harvey Weinstein has been a name and one man empire in Hollywood for the last thirty years, but in one fell swoop last Thursday a New York Times article exposing Weinstein's history of sexual harassment precipitated his swift and inglorious fall from power and termination from the company that bears his name. 

For many though Weinstein's history was an open secret, and according to a former employee, that included the Times itself. 

Sharon Waxman, a former New York Times reporter has come forward saying that in 2004 she began writing an article about Weinstein's already checkered past, but pressure from Weinstein himself and others lead to the story being "gutted". 

After the Weinstein exposé New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg wrote a follow up article called Harvey Weinstein’s Media Enablers discussing how an open secret remained undiscovered for so long. Seemingly in response Waxman, Founder and CEO of The Wrap wrote her own article two days later. 

Following Waxman's article some began to question why the owner of a entertainment news website chose not to release the story herself. 

Waxman and others responded. 

Regardless of the who or when the story's eventual release has had swift and devastating repercussions for Weinstein. 

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