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These People Should Really Return Their Painfully Overdue Library Books ASAP

The public library is a beautiful thing. You ask them for books and they give them to you. There's just one catch: You have to give them back. But sometimes life gets in the way and we miss the deadline by a day, maybe two, but 45 years? Come on now!

Twitter users are confessing their crimes against libraries, and it's both funny and sad:

Just pay the money!

Hiding is not an option. Everyone must face the librarian eventually:

Or make your kids face the librarian for you:

And then things went from bad to worse. This book is 26 years overdue.

Hold up! FORTY-FIVE years?

Overdue by 52+ years! This is getting ridiculous:

OMG 76 years overdue:

But the winner is this book, which is more than 80 years overdue:

You do the math on those late fees:

Of course they did, because the library is a beautiful thing. Now bring your books back!

H/T: Twitter