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Lin-Manuel Miranda Releases New Star-Studded Track For Puerto Rico, And Fans Are Freaking Out
7 months ago

Hamilton composer Lin-Manuel Miranda has just released a new song to support the citizens of Puerto Rico, where he grew up, after the island was battered by Hurricane Maria. The track features a laundry list of celebrity guest appearances, including Jennifer Lopez, Anthony Ramos, and Rubén Blades. Proceeds are going towards hurricane relief efforts!

Seemingly EVERYONE makes an appearance on this track:

Fans are getting emotional over the new song:

People are pretty inspired:

Miranda has a talent for making people use Caps-lock:

We all have a crush on Lin-Manuel.

The celebrity guests pushed it over the top:

The excitement has been building for several days:

Hopefully, this song will be able to create some positive change for the hurricane-devastated island.