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Man Uses Las Vegas Massacre To Shame Protesting NFL Player, And The Backlash Was Brutal
7 months ago

On Monday,  Kansas City Chief's cornerback, Marcus Peters, sat out the National Anthem during a game against the Washington Redskins. Many NFL players have continued the protest started by Colin Kaepernick to take a stand against systematic racism and the killing of African-Americans by police forces across the country. 

 Since Donald Trump took to Twitter and blasted NFL players for sitting out the Anthem, many football fans have become confused about the original intention for taking the knee which was never about the flag or the military.

At the game there was a moment of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas massacre and Peters participated with both teams and the fans. 

A twitter user Ryan Saavedra, took to the social media site with what he saw as a disrespectful move by Peters.  He wrote:

" Nearly 600 people were shot last night but @Chiefs player Marcus Peters still thought it was appropriate to sit during the national anthem." 

It did not go well!

Richie Loco, an actor and writer from Los Angeles set the misinformed man straight in a series of tweets that have gone viral. 

And Loco was just getting started.

People on Twitter weighed in to show support for Loco and Peters.

There was also frustration on the "what about black on black crime" argument.

To hear the story of how Kaepernick went from sitting to taking the knee, watch the clip below.

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