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Bill Clinton Shares Awkward Puberty Photo Online To Help Puerto Rico
8 months ago

President Bill Clinton joined the #PuberMe fundraiser started by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert and actor Nick Kroll to raise money for hurricane survivors in Puerto Rico. Colbert and Kroll have promised to donate funds for every celebrity willing to post a photo of their pubescent  years. 

Clinton is seen sporting some cool jeans and a swanky brown shirt leaning against a red car. 

Clinton joins a long list of celebrities who have joined the campaign, including the first two from Colbert and Kroll.

The list has continued to grow.

It wasn't just the men. The women were outing their inner tweens as well. 

Six time Tony award winner Audra McDonald added her photo to the cause. 

And then there is this adorable photo of Lin Manuel Miranda.

To watch Colbert explain how the fundraiser works you can watch the clip below. And as an extra bonus you get to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson reveal his own #PuberMe  photo.