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Ariel Winter Proudly Wears Jeans With Rip In The Butt, Slams Anyone Who Has A Problem With It

Modern Family star Ariel Winter is no stranger to controversy over her body. Ariel is naturally quite large breasted, and while she was working for Disney (particularly as a voice actress on a Disney Jr. show) many people questioned whether her look was appropriate around children as if she could help the size of her breasts. In 2015, she opted for a reduction to lessen her back pain - and that, too, was criticized.

Wait, so she was "wrong" either way? Awesome.


Recently, the 19 year-old has been getting attention for her wardrobe choices.

Like these shorts.


And this ripped-jeans-and-crop-top combo that she debuted on Instagram recently.


Her social media sees comments like these:


Ariel isn't overly shy about firing back. She went on an Instagram rant in response to the body shamers.

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Her fans aren't keeping quiet about it, either.


Sometimes they even address negative commenters directly.


Good for Ariel (and her fans) for not allowing body shaming or slut shaming to go unchallenged.

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