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Alex Jones Warns Viewers To Carry Guns Because Democrats Are Going To Be Killing People
7 months ago

 On the October 4 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show, Jones went on an unhinged rant saying: 

"The enemy’s engaging us. Everybody needs to be packing, like I told you on Friday and on Sunday. Get ready -- Democrats are going to be killing people, a lot of folks. And obviously, just like you don’t see conservatives going out and doing mass shootings, they don’t want to blame the Second Amendment, they don’t want to go out and kill people. It’s almost always drug-head Democrats, devil worshipers, you name it. That’s their M.O. The Democrats know when they mass-kill now, they know to not say they’re Democrat operatives. They just want to use that to get the Second Amendment and get a civil war going." 

The conspiracy theorists also said that the Vegas massacre was staged to take media attention away from O.J. Simpson's release from prison.

 "They released O.J. just 20 hours before the attack took place so all the media would come and be in place to cover this event. The whole thing has the hallmarks of being scripted by deep state Democrats and their Islamic allies using mental patient cut-outs." 

Although there is no evidence to support these wild claims, it doesn't stop Jones from spreading his own version of "Fake News."

Twitter was having none of it. 

Some Twitter users were angry with the media for continuing to give Jones attention.

Many people wondered about the legalities of such a dangerous and violence provoking statement. 

All the tweets combined could be summed up with this.