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J.K. Rowling Reminds Twitter Of The History Of U.K.'s Gun Reform

When another mass shooting rocks our nation, citizens find themselves comparing the U.S. to other developed nations that don't suffer from the epidemic of gun violence that's plagued our country for decades. After the Las Vegas shooting claimed the lives of 59 victims, making it the deadliest in modern American history, the world has taken notice. 

One famous U.K. citizen, J.K. Rowling, explained how her country has avoided so much gun violence:

Rowling talked about how, following two deadly shootings, England united behind changing gun laws. They passed sweeping legislation that banned almost all firearms.

U.K. citizens were shocked when, after tragedies like Sandy Hook, the U.S. did not do the same:

As Rowling pointed out, there is significant difference between U.S. and U.K. gun culture:

Americans revisit the gun control debate after each mass shooting, yet little changes:

But there's no arguing about the effectiveness of the U.K.'s strategy:

Germany has also taken measures to reduce gun violence:

As has Australia:

And Japan:

Even after the recent massacre on the Las Vegas Strip, real change seems improbable:

H/T - Twitter, The Atlantic