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Photo by NASA/JPL/Caltech Univ of Arizona via Getty Images
Bizarre, Unconfirmed NASA Plan For All-Woman Mars Colony Has Twitter Making Plans

 There is a rumor circling the internet that a secret NASA plan toyed with the idea of sending an all female crew to set up a colony on Mars. The theory behind this plan was that women would cooperate better than men. Helen Sharman, Britain's first astronaut, who visited the Mir space station in 1991,  said that in order to utilize productivity and cohesiveness, NASA considered dividing crews along gender lines. It was also believed that an all-female crew would stop astronauts from having impure thoughts or having sex with each other for the one and half year mission to mars.

Houston, we have a problem here. 

Twitter had quite a bit of fun with the idea of a Lesbian Space Colony. 

Some were offended by the idea that women don't have "impure thoughts."

Mostly though, women were raising their hands and asking, "Where do I sign up?"

It was pointed out that the report was done "some years ago" and that might explain its antiquated perspective. But still, a girl can dream, right?


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