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Twitter Is Proudly Using President Trump In Its Advertisements In Other Countries

Twitter has launched an ad campaign in Tokyo that promotes the "real-time news" aspect of its interface. To emphasize the idea that Twitter delivers real facts as they're happening, they're evoking an image that has drawn some ire from Americans.

Twitter's new spokesman? President Donald Trump:

The ad can be found all over Tokyo's subway stations with the hashtag #TrumpAdministration (トランプ政権) and a catchphrase: 

"There is a 'now' you don't know about."

Though the ad doesn't come right out and say it, the implication is that Trump's tweets deliver a truth you can't find elsewhere. Trump himself has claimed as much, though his tweets are often filled with lies, inaccuracies, and slanderous remarks that sources both inside and outside mainstream media verify as false.

It's also possible that the ad's intention is to entice people to tune in for whatever crazy thing Trump tweets next. 

Either way, America is the butt of the joke.

TWITTER: @twitter has this ad on the JR Yamanote train... #トランプ政権

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Trump boasts 27.2 million Twitter followers and, earlier this week, he commented to the Financial Times:

Without the tweets, I wouldn't be here. I have over 100 million followers [on social media]...I don't have to go to the fake media.

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