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Facebook Under Fire For Banning A Women's Shaving Video Ad For Being 'Too Adult'

Facebook Under Fire For Banning A Women's Shaving Video Ad For Being 'Too Adult'
Updated 8 months ago

Friction Free Shaving, a British company selling subscription-order razors, created a funny ad about women shaving, but Facebook wasn't laughing. They banned the ad by classifying it as "too adult" and cited the blocking out of specific bodies parts as "implied nudity." 

Apparently such risqué content is prohibited in Facebook's advertising policy.

The Facebook advertising policy reads as follows:

Adverts must not contain adult content. This includes nudity, depictions of people in explicit or suggestive positions or activities that are overly suggestive or sexually provocative."Sexually suggestive content is: Nudity or implied nudity, even if artistic or educational in nature, excessive visible skin or cleavage, even if not explicitly sexual in nature, or images focused on individual body parts, such as abs, buttocks or chests, even if not explicitly sexual in nature.

Friction Free Shaving co-founder Briar Keen had this to say about the ban:

We wanted to move away from traditional and outdated women’s shaving ads that are over-glamourised, sexualised and unrealistic. We don’t think that a woman shaving is anything to be ashamed of and find it sexist and deeply offensive that Facebook has banned our ad on these grounds.

People weighed in on Facebook, showing their support for the ad and calling the ban ridiculous. 

Watch the advertisement below and judge for yourselves.