The Technical Reasons Why Paper Cuts Actually Hurt So Much

The Technical Reasons Why Paper Cuts Actually Hurt So Much
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Updated 9 months ago

There's no doubt about it, paper cuts hurt like the devil.

What makes a paper cut worse is we rarely get the sympathy we deserve for being in such agony. 

No trips to the ER for stitches, no "another inch and I would have died" stories, and no sick days to binge watch Netflix while recovering on the couch.   

Well, now there is science to explain why paper cuts cause so much pain.

According to Dr. Hayley Goldbach:

Fingertips are how we explore the world, how we do small delicate tasks, so it makes sense that we have a lot of nerve endings there. It’s kind of a safety mechanism.

Your fingertips are full of nerve receptors.

Next, paper isn't smooth. The edges are like evil little serrated knives just waiting to ruin your day.

Every time you fill the copier, you might as well be juggling knives.

And paper cuts are shallow, which means blood doesn't come to the surface, clot, and scab over.

The wound stays open longer, so lemon juice or salt can find their way in.

Next time you get a paper cut? Feel free to call your boss and take the week off to take care of yourself.