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Reporter Describes What Life Is Like Right Now In Puerto Rico In Unsettling Tweetstorm

Since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August, every day has brought new images and stories of the devastation people in the storm's path are facing. In Texas and Florida, each harrowing tale was tempered by the unspoken American promise: "We take care of our own." But people affected by Hurricane Maria seem to face a much less certain future. With infrastructure leveled, residents of Puerto Rico are depending on relief efforts to survive, but help isn't quite there yet — at least not nearly what's needed. 

Yesterday, Mother Jones writer AJ Vicens began asking why Puerto Rico is different:

Vincen's Twitter report follows President Trump's recent criticisms of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. 

After Cruz questioned the administration's slow response, Trump attacked her on Twitter:

In a story he filed later, Vincens describes Ciales, a town just 45 minutes from San Juan. None of the 10,000 federal workers had made it there yet. And Ciales is just one of many Puerto Rican towns, all facing the same challenges, all in desperate need of help.

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