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Photo Of San Juan Mayor In Flooded Puerto Rico Emerges Online
7 months ago

While golfing at his privately-owned resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, on September 30, President Trump posted several tweets criticizing Puerto Ricans who "want everything to be done for them" following Hurricane Maria's devastation of the island.

Trump had particularly harsh words for San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz:

While the President criticized from afar, Carmen Yulín Cruz, waded through waist-deep floodwaters trying to help people.

Michael Skolnik slammed Trump with one sentence and a photo:

Twitter users seemed divided, but some responses cut through the partisan fighting:

Some people don't know Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, so that was a whole other thing:

But many Twitter users found the image quite telling:

When it comes to Trump's tweets, the numbers don't lie:

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