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The CIA's Canine Class Students Are Back In The Spotlight Again

The CIA's Canine Class Students Are Back In The Spotlight Again
Updated 8 months ago

The CIA scouted service dogs earlier this month for the fall 2017 K9 recruit class. The six adorable labs — all females — began 16 weeks of training to be explosive detection canines. Suni, Indigo, Freya, and Nicole will join the CIA. Heide and Lulu, will work with local law enforcement. The CIA's Twitter account goes behind the scenes during their nationally recognized dog training program to update people on the labs' progress. 

These pups are proving to be more than just pretty faces:

After mastering sniffing on command, these pups were ready for the next phase. 

Will they pass the "line discrimination" scent detection test?

We smell success for these hard working labs!

These admirable labs will learn to sniff out and identify over 20,000 different explosive mixtures.

On their Twitter account, the CIA said:

Our K9 officers serve as the first line of defense against explosive threats to Agency personnel & buildings at HQ and abroad. Our K9s are also on-call 24/7 to assist local law enforcement, first responders, and other federal government agencies search for explosives.

Trainers also make sure the pups enjoy the process:

Americans love these working dogs: