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Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images
Girl's Tinder Response To Getting Dumped By Her Boyfriend Is Inspiring Us All
7 months ago

 Emma Vowel wasn't about to sit around crying over a recent breakup––she had a plane to jump out of. Problem was she needed to find someone to jump with her.

You see, Vowel's boyfriend had broken up with her the week of his birthday before he discovered she had bought skydiving tickets as a surprise. 

With the boyfriend out of the picture, Vowel, a sophomore at Purdue University, set her sights on finding a new skydiving partner for the day so the tickets wouldn't go to waste.

Vowel went to Tinder and posted the following:

It didn't take long for Austin to arrive on the scene.

Austin contacted Emma and offered to send his resume for the extra ticket. She countered that he should write a cover letter too.

Here is how the Austin's cover letter began.

Austin told Buzzfeed News that the cover letter took him over an hour.

Vowel took the cover letter and resume to Twitter to get opinions if Austin should be the winner of the ticket. 

Twitter immediately fell in love.

Vowel sent Austin the good news that her was the winner of the extra skydiving ticket and Twitter could not be more thrilled. 

The two met for coffee and have plans to take the big jump on October 28th.