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Conservatives Share Fake Photo Of Seahawks Player Burning American Flag In Locker Room
7 months ago

Conservatives are taking the NFL down with a fire and fury unlike any seen in a locker room.

You may have seen this photo  that was featured on a Facebook page allegedly supporting Donald Trump catching heat online.

A close inspection of Seahawk's defensive end Michael Bennett burning the flag would reveal a lack of authenticity. 

But Trump supporters had selective vision and were incensed about the photo anyway.

The fake photo fanned the flames of the NFL boycott. 

More than 200 players in the league refused to stand during the National Anthem in protest to racism in America after Trump criticized the movement initiated by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Although the Seahawks knelt in solidarity, Bennett did not burn the flag in the locker room after their September 24th game against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville. 

Here is the actual photo of Michael Bennett seen here leading the team in a celebratory post-game victory dance in 2015. 

It was time to extinguish the heated squabble.