Rush Limbaugh Says The NFL Protests Are A Sinister Liberal Plot On Live TV

Rush Limbaugh Says The NFL Protests Are A Sinister Liberal Plot On Live TV
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Updated 9 months ago

This Thursday, September 28th, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh was asked to chime in on the current controversy surrounding NFL players who have protested police brutality by kneeling during the national anthem. In typical Limbaugh fashion, he took the ball and ran with it. Though, if this football metaphor were to continue, one might say he kept running right out of the stadium and into the parking lot––where no one could stop him. 

Rush believes this whole controversy is a leftist conspiracy to destroy... the National Football League. In his words:

What does the NFL stand for? Masculinity, strength, toughness. So, what are they doing to it? You go to college campuses now and you’ll find classes on how to take masculinity out of men. It’s actually happening. There are studies and courses in college that do this. It’s patriotic, you’ve got the flag, you’ve got the anthem, you’ve got uniformed military personnel, all the things that the left wants to erase from this country.

NFL protests have only increased since President Trump commented at an Alabama rally that all athletes who peacefully protest during the National Anthem are "sons of b*****s" who should be dragged out of the stadium and fired, and many Americans have found themselves torn over the issue.

Many players have repeatedly stressed that the protests are meant to shed light on police brutality and systemic injustice. Limbaugh was having none of it:

They don’t like displays of patriotism, strength, rugged individualism, and that’s why the players are being used here. They think it’s about police brutality, they think it’s about righting social wrongs, and so forth. This is an attack on the NFL as an institution for shaking it down and lowering its profile and impact on American culture. We’re in the midst of a culture war. Everybody knows it.

Apparently, Limbaugh opted not to watch the NFL for the first time in 45 years.